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Home Button Flex iPhone 5S

Home Button Flex iPhone 5S

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Screens N More Your Wholesale Phone Parts Store

Cell phones are a true modern marvel and we keep our entire lives stored away in them. You pay for convenience, however, and it’s hard to keep your mobile phone from becoming a money pit. You can save more of your hard earned cash by shopping for wholesale phone repair parts.

Whether you dropped your phone and cracked the screen, have a water damaged phone, or need to replaced a part from wear and tear, wholesale parts will save you money. There is never a good reason to pay more when you can pay less.

Here are some things you should know about saving money with wholesale phone parts.

Buy Wholesale Phone Parts Online

All you really have to do to save more money on wholesale phone parts is sign online. If you hate retail settings or dealing with customer service representatives, you can skip it and actually save more. Just be sure to pick an online vendor with a good reputation. You can read customer reviews at almost every retailer site.

Check the vendor’s return policy, too. This way, you’ll understand what to do if you buy the wrong part or need to return your purchase.

Make note of email addresses and telephone numbers for customer service. You should also save your receipt just in case.

We made sure to set our site up with all the vital information. Be wary of anyone else who doesn’t.

Replacement Phone Parts

You’ll be surprised at the wide selection of wholesale cell phone parts available to you. Buying a replacement part for your mobile device may not be the most exciting pastime, but a big selection is always good.

Take care to choose the right parts for your phone make and model. There won’t be a salesperson with you to ensure your replacement screen fits an iPhone 7 Plus instead of a regular iPhone 7. It can be easy to make mistakes, which is why you want to keep your receipts.

Most shoppers are savvy enough to make good choices themselves, however. Do you really need the help of a technician? If the answer is yes, you can always visit a retail store to ask questions and make your final purchase online.

If you have any questions while you’re shopping, contact us for more information.

Incredible Discounts

We’re obviously talking about saving money here, but you won’t believe how much you can actually save. It’s astonishing. In fact, it’s a little frustrating if you’re new to this tip and have been paying more for your cell phone replacement parts up until now.

Instead of crying over sour grapes, shop wholesale the next time you need a cellular phone part. Right now is a great time to keep more of your money.

Most wholesale phone part vendors will clearly show you the difference between their price and the retail price so you’ll know right away what kind of deal you’re getting. You’ll find that kind of pricing in our webstore.

A Wide Selection Of New And Old Parts

In the event you’re using an older phone, wholesale part vendors are one of the best places to find parts. In a retail setting, older merchandise has to make way for new. This makes it hard to find what you need. Even your local tech store might have to order your part.

If waiting a few extra days helps you save more, why not do it? If you need your part right away, you have many shipping options available to you. Pick one that will get your part into your hands fast. We have a number for shipping options, for instance.

Phone repair isn’t just about screens, either. You can buy full screw sets for iPhones and Android phones, find a replacement for your worn out home button, or even replace a broken cell phone camera.

Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

Shop wholesale to purchase cheap cell phone accessories too. If you need an extra charging cable for your Samsung Note or a case for your brand new Google Pixel, shopping wholesale will net you significant savings.

We don’t just sell phone repair parts, we sell some accessories too. When you’re replacing your broken cell phone screen on the cheap, you can pick up some headphones with the money you saved.

Shop For Gifts

It really is the thought that counts, and your loved ones don’t need to know how much money you’re saving on their gifts! Don’t feel guilty about being a thrifty gift giver. A little comparison shopping stretches your dollar and lets you give even more.

If your niece just got a Galaxy S7 Edge, surprise her with headphones or a case that expresses her personality. Your cool points will skyrocket.

In fact, by saving more you can give fun presents like a whole accessory basket. That way, a little spending makes a big impact.

Great For Parents

Shopping for wholesale phone parts is especially great for parents. We all know that kids aren’t always the most responsible. Save as much as you can along the journey of teaching your kids to use cell phones responsibly.

You can get the protective gear they need and any replacement parts for a fraction of the cost of retail prices. When you spend $500 and up for phones like the HTC 10, you don’t want to keep shelling out any more than you have to after the fact.

Shopping Wholesale Is Shopping Smart

Basically, if you’re still heading to your local big box store or cell carrier location every time you need a repair or an accessory for your cell, you’re wasting money. Don’t do this if you don’t have to. A quick stop by a highly rated wholesale website like ours is really worth the short time it takes.

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