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About Us

Phone Store was founded in 2003 by our Founder & CEO Boris Niyazov. At its early stage, the Phone Store existed as a cellphone, accessories and repair service. But being an ordinary cellphone store with narrow variety of products was not what company had in vision. We wanted people to get their hands on best quality and hard to get parts and devices. So, within time the concept was reconsidered to improve our customer service & relation as well as make it useful for people. Over a decade Boris and his team developed “Screens’n’More”, a wholesale for parts and devices with an outstanding customer service and competitive prices.

As the market kept changing adding new varieties of devices and parts, making the prices unstable, the company continued its path to understand the market better, and developed a screen refurbishing facility in Denver, its home town, to help cellphone repair companies (Cellairis, UBreak IFix and etc.) get there parts faster, safer and cheaper.

The company didn’t stop there and literally went to their customers with Denver Phone Doctor, a mobile cellphone repair service that provides our customers an opportunity to get their devices fixed at their door. Denver Phone Doctor operates in Denver Metro Area.

What could be better than a convenience and a low price to repair your device? Being your own technician! That’s why the company took a step forward to help people not only do it themselves, but to better understand electronics and the market.

There are now five cellphone stores, a wholesale for parts and accessories, screen refurbishing facility and a Cellphone repair school, all operated under Phone Store brand, continuing the legacy of the original concept.


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